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Admitting yourself or a loved one to a mental or behavioral health facility can be an emotionally taxing process, which is why Creekside Behavioral Health is dedicated to making the admissions process as seamless and simple as possible. Our team of mental health professionals has years of experience in carefully assessing each patient and working with patients and their families to determine the best course of treatment. We pride ourselves on being as welcoming, professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful as possible.

Admissions Criteria

  • Children and teens (ages 9-17), adults, and seniors (age 55+) struggling with mental or behavioral health issues or with substance use disorder/chemical dependency
  • Able to participate in treatment
  • IQ of 70 or above

If you a provider referring a patient, please include the following:

  • Most current psychiatric and psychological evaluations
  • Medical history
  • Previous treatment history
  • Psychiatric assessment and history, and physical from acute hospitalization (if the client is currently in an acute setting)

Important Items To Bring For Admission

Make certain to bring an insurance ID card and social security card.  Also bring any current medications or prescriptions for current medications.

What Items Can I Bring And What Items Are Not Allowed?

Some recommended items are: tennis or running shoes, an extra pair of shoes, and flip-flops. You will also need three of each of the following: shirts, pants, shorts, and undergarments (drawstrings, shoe laces, underwires, etc. will need to be removed from items to be allowed on the units).  No personal electronic devices are allowed, such as cell phones, handheld gaming devices or other personal electronics. Hygiene products are provided, and we do not allow perfume, cologne, makeup, hair dryers, curling irons, or razors.

For more information regarding our mental health and behavioral health services, please contact us today.